Food from all corners of the world right here on Paisley’s high street. Chinese, Mexican, Italian, American and Scottish. The best range on the best Buy One Get One Free Deal ever. This deal is on all day every day and includes all main meals including steaks. Ye canny beat Hamishes’ Hoose.
 A fantastic weekend of Mod Driven music coming on the 23rd and 24th February. Friday night sees the spring edition of the fabulous Northen Soul/Motown night with DJs Artanis, plenty of room for dancin. On Saturday Re-start make a welcome return tae the Hoose, with their homage to the Kinks, The Who, The Jam, Small faces etc a brilliant weekend oot in the Hoose. Oh! Drinks promos!
Right you lager drinking folks, we have just installed Belhaven’s premium lager. Its called Saltire 4%, no sure if you’ll like it? Tell ye whit, come in and buy a pint of your regular lager, (mind Carling is £2.75 a pint), and get a free wee glass of Saltire for you to see for yourself what a fine brew this is!! We are aff wir heid gien drink away eh?