Glasgow Kelvin student, Carol Turner, will auction a painting to raise funds for survivors of acid attacks in India.

the artwork being auctioned

An exhibition of works with life model, Carol, her image will be on display in Paisley Arts Centre from 26 July.

Offering to help model Fashion Show designs for fellow students at Glasgow Kelvin College has changed the outlook of NC Business student, Carol Turner, and spurred her on to raise funds for Make Love Not Scars, an Indian charity which reconstructs, rehabilitates and supports survivors of horrific acid attacks.

Fashion Design students at Glasgow Kelvin College have established strong international links with Guntur Polytechnic for Women in Andhra Pradesh, which have encouraged them to celebrate cross-cultural influences.

Supported by the UK India Education Research Institute, they received funding to visit and exchange design skills and knowledge with their counterparts in Andhra Pradesh.  It was a life-changing experience for all the students involved, enhancing their talents and widening their world view.  This was evident last year in a celebration of the Paisley Pattern at the highly successful UKIERI Fashion Show in partnership with Renfrewshire Council held at Paisley Abbey.

Through the links with Indian partners, the College has become involved with Make Love Not Scars which retrains survivors and links them with employers under the ‘Skills not Scars’ banner.

As a direct result of exchange visits to India, the Fashion students got behind this very worthwhile campaign and their Fashion Show in May this year helped them to raise the impressive sum of £3,560 for the ‘Help Sonia’ initiative.  Sonia is a transgender acid-attack survivor and, in keeping with the College’s equality and inclusion priorities, the students’ contribution has made a significant difference to the support funds being raised for Sonia, her extensive surgical needs and her rehabilitation.

Carol Turner, who is also an artists’ life model, had volunteered to strut the students’ fabulous designs on the catwalk and was stunned to discover the reasons for the fundraising when the Make Love Not Scars video was aired.

She says;

“I was really pleased to help our Fashion students model their designs at the Fashion Show and initially had no idea about their fundraising for Make Love Not Scars.  I felt very privileged to be part of that achievement and was so moved by the video from MLNS that I knew I wanted to help the campaign further.

“I hope that what I’m doing with the Silent Auction will help in some small way to support these very brave survivors of acid attacks and that people will be made aware of this very worthwhile charity.”

An admired life-model for artists worldwide, Carol is staging an exhibition of her image as it has been portrayed through their works.  This is set to take place at Paisley Arts Centre, launching on 26 July at 6pm and will display around 20 works, many from local artists, featuring her image.

The exhibition will include works by David Horner (Australian Artist from Dynamic Drawing Group), Andrew Horner, Carol McGoldrick, Gordon Simpson, Irene Blackwood, William Britton and Robert Wilson.  Some of the work was created at the Oakshaw Building Life Drawing Group which meets every other Friday at 10am.

To make her own contribution, Carol will auction a piece by Australian artist, David Horner to help raise funds for Make Love Not Scars.

With the announcement that Paisley has been shortlisted for UK City of Culture 2021, the cultural links with India through the Paisley Pattern are very pertinent and it is fitting that the works are being exhibited at Paisley Art Centre.

Director of Business Development at the College, Alastair McGhee, said;

“The students at Glasgow Kelvin College never cease to amaze me in their commitment and professionalism.  The impact that their fundraising will have on the lives of survivors is massive – it will certainly change the lives of those experiencing these terrible injuries.

“It is humbling to see how the efforts of our students at Glasgow Kelvin College will result in such positive outcomes for acid attack survivors.  We wish Carol every success in her exhibition and her fundraising.”

The campaign team from Make Love Not Scars have also had wind of the auction.  Tania, their Fundraising Campaign worker, has been in touch with Carole, saying;

“Carole, the painting is just stunning and thank you so much for dedicating this art to our cause!”

Renfrewshire Council Leader Iain Nicolson said;

“Paisley’s bid for UK City of Culture is about showcasing our connections around the globe. Our rich textile heritage is deeply rooted in the Indian flower motif now known as the Paisley Pattern and it’s great to continue our connection through fashion, art and creativity.

“The message behind Make Love Not Scars is one that has become relevant to talk about in the UK with the recent acid attacks taking place down in London. Attacks like these are devastating to the victim, both physically and mentally and no one should have to suffer such an attack.

“I wish Carol every success in her inspiring exhibition and for her fundraising that will benefit many people affected by these devastating attacks.”