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AGS Airports’ (Aberdeen and Glasgow) response to Scottish Conservatives announcement on Air Passenger Duty

Responding to the Scottish Conservatives call for the abolition of Air Passenger Duty on long-haul flights once the tax is devolved, a spokesman for AGS Airports Limited which owns Aberdeen International and Glasgow Airports, said:

“Any moves to address APD, which simply serves to dissuade airlines from flying to and from Scotland, should be welcomed. In making this call, the Scottish Conservatives have clearly acknowledged that APD is a barrier to growth and whilst today’s announcement is certainly a step in the right direction, it must go hand-in-hand with action on domestic and European connectivity which is absolutely key to the Scottish economy.

“We have a very real opportunity to send a message that Scotland remains open for business and the 50% reduction across all bands of APD and its eventual abolition will play a major role in providing us with a much needed competitive edge.”

Glasgow Airport exterior 18.12.14