Residents are being urged to prepare themselves for the winter weather conditions as the coldest months approach.

Eddie Devine with Renfrewshire Council gritting staff in gritter
Eddie Devine with Renfrewshire Council gritting staff in gritter

Renfrewshire Council is putting in place its normal winter measures to ensure the area will continue to operate fully should we face severe snow, ice, wind or rain.

Over 5000 tonnes of salt have been purchased to treat more than 500km of road and 800 miles of pavement across the area.

Over 400 grit bins are also being provided to assist residents where roads are not on essential gritting routes.

The standard winter 24 hour cover will be in place to deal with the effects of snow and ice, with gritters working on a priority basis to ensure all main bus routes and access routes to schools and emergency services remain available.

The council is also urging residents to be #RenReady to face the winter weather by preparing in advance to keep their home, business and community safe.

Preparing emergency plans and grab bags for your home, checking weather reports often and having an emergency kit in your car are just a few of the ways which you can stay safe this winter.

Councillor Eddie Devine, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Environment Policy Board, said: “It’s vital that Renfrewshire is prepared for any severe winter weather which may arrive over the coming months and we have been preparing in earnest to ensure continuity can be achieved should this happen.

“As in previous years, we are ensuring we can deal with snow and ice by gritting roads throughout winter, as well as providing 24 hour cover to respond to snow and ice, using a fleet of specialist gritting vehicles.

“We’re also providing advice on how you can prepare for the conditions- which can save you time and money should Renfrewshire face extremely bad weather- from clearing your driveway to keeping your heating on at a low temperature to prevent the pipes freezing up.

“By working together and looking out for each other we can keep ensure Renfrewshire operates as normal this winter”

For more information on how you can be prepared for severe weather conditions across the winter period visit:

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