Local charity RAMH is offering an opportunity to conquer fear and walk on fire, while supporting mental health services in Renfrewshire.

RAMH Firewalk 2017

The unique challenge, called The Walk Of Champions, is a 15 foot walk over hot coals reaching temperatures exceeding 800 degrees Celsius.

RAMH Chief Executive Stephen McLellan said “we’re challenging everyone to learn how to conquer fear and use confidence to get them through the fire walk. In mental health recovery there can often be barriers which seems insurmountable. However, just like the firewalk, we want to empower people to overcome even the toughest challenges.”

Brian Costello of Headstrong said “Walking on fire has been a rite of passage for many centuries and now RAMH supporters can take part in this ancient ritual. The walk is something people will never ever forget and the skills they learn during the 3 hours leading up to the firewalk can be used in any area of their lives to empower them to get where they want to be.”

The Firewalk takes place on Saturday 7th January 2017 at ProLife Fitness Centre in Paisley. Anyone over the age of 13 can join in. RAMH are offering a discounted registration fee of just £5 if you book before Friday 18th November, and ask that participants raise a minimum £45 to help local mental health services.

RAMH promotes recovery from mental ill health, and empowers people to build independent, fulfilled lives. Your help will enable them to maintain and develop services for local people experiencing depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other conditions. Book now by contacting  enquiries@ramh.org or 0141 847 8900.