Paisley Pirates have made another important signing, but their latest addition will be doing all his work off the ice.

The club has recruited Chris Mudie to their ranks, and he will be acting as the club’s physio/sports therapist on match nights, where he will take his place on the bench alongside the club’s playing squad, team manager, and coach.

paisley pirates

Coach Ian Turley commented, “He’s another very important signing for us, as he’s got loads of qualifications while he’s already built up a business as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist, while he’s well versed in massage techniques as well, and I’m sure the club in general, and the players in particular, will benefit hugely from having him at their side.”

He went on, “We might be an amateur club playing in an amateur league, albeit the highest calibre competition at this level in Scotland, but as I’m constantly saying, that shouldn’t be seen as a barrier to being as professional an outfit as we can possibly be in our preparation, fitness levels, and everything else which goes into these elements of the sport. Chris’ addition to the ranks means we can raise the bar a little higher in those respects, and for our players it means they’re perhaps getting the services of a qualified professional which they’d maybe not get if they were playing somewhere else.”

“We keep preaching the need to have a healthy regime in place if you want to play ice hockey, and Chris’ signing is just more evidence that we don’t just talk about it, we go out and do it! He’s got experience in identifying rehabilitation needs after an injury as well, and while, of course, we’re hoping that players won’t have recourse to that element of his services on a regular basis, just knowing he’s there is in itself a big plus for us. We’re looking to having him work with us on a weekly basis and I don’t think it will be long before we see the benefit of having our latest recruit working alongside the rest of the team.”