A new play about being alone and making friends; starting fights and falling in love; being invisible and talking to cats. 

Three years ago Robbie McGuire started becoming invisible.


It’s not a big problem. It doesn’t affect his day-to-day life. Mrs Gillespie still gives him detention, Sarah Hargreaves still threatens to smash his face in, and Mr Bartnik the shop keeper still won’t let him forget that he owes 10p for a bottle of milk bought over a year ago. But Robbie has started noticing that people bump into him a lot in the street. That nobody ever really looks at him – they always look to the side or a metre behind, as though they’re not quite sure exactly where he is. And this morning, the longer he looked in the mirror the less he could see of himself. And so begins Robbie’s journey on a very weird day.

Invisible Army is a new play by Victoria Beesley (My Friend Selma) which has been created in collaboration with young carers from the Glasgow South West Carers Centre.
Combining storytelling with movement and original live music, Invisible Army is a funny, moving, imaginative and charming insight into the life of a young carer.

Invisible Army is directed by Emily Reutlinger (director of Uncanny Valley – winner of 2016 CATS award for Best Production for Children and Young People); choreography by Tony Mills (Room 2 Manoeuvre); designed by Alice Wilson (Magnetic NorthPlutôt la VieVision Mechanics); sound design by Danny Krass (Royal Court, Traverse Theatre); lighting design by Elle Taylor; music composed and played live by Dan Beesley.


Sat 8 Oct | Paisley Arts Centre | 7pm  | £5 (includes booking fee) | 0300 300 1210 | renfrewshireleisure.com/arts