Paisley Pirates fans have an opportunity to catch up on all the pre-season news at a specially convened Fans Forum, which will be held within the 5 on 5 Club in New Sneddon St, Paisley, next Wednesday (10 August) at 7.30pm.

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Coach Ian Turley explained, “There will be a number of changes to our normal operations which will take effect from the start of the new season, and we feel it’s crucial that we let fans know how they will be affected, and what they can do to help us as the full effects of these changes impact on the club. It’s very important that supporters of the Paisley Pirates make every effort to attend this meeting, as some of the effects of these changes are far reaching, so we want as many fans as possible to hear what they are, and, further, that they will hopefully indicate what they are willing and able to do to assist in that process, as, make no mistake, we’re relying very much on the backing of the supporters to ensure that there is a smooth transition from what we used to do, and what we’re going to be doing from now on.”

He went on, “We don’t want supporters to rely on others telling them what has been discussed at the meeting, to then decide what they want to do. It’s VERY important that they are there in person, so that they get their chance to input into the discussions, so we’re urging every supporter of the club to do whatever is necessary to get along to the 5 on 5 Club next Wednesday and hear first hand what these changes mean in the short and longer term. They will affect every single supporter, so there’s no point in relying on anyone else to interpret what will be discussed, it’s essential that fans show up in numbers and make their presence felt at that time.”

“We know we have the best supporters in the country, and this is one of those occasions when we’re relying on them to make good on that claim, so we hope we can be certain to welcome a very large turnout next Wednesday when all can be revealed, and fans will be able to take an active role in determining the llong-termroute that the club takes.”