Cash Cub is heading back to school!

Renfrewshire-Wide Credit Union (RWCU) is re-launching their primary school savings club under the new name of ‘Cash Cubs’. Cash Cubs is a new initiative building on the successful school savings club launched by the credit union in Renfrewshire schools in 2009. Bringing the concept bang up to date with the addition of the fun and exciting Cash Cubs mascot, primary school pupils are encouraged to get even more active with their school credit union or to join from scratch if they’re not already a member.

RWCU have many established Primary School Credit Unions in the Renfrewshire area where, with the help of adults, the primary 6 and 7 children run a collection for all pupils who wish to deposit money into their credit union accounts.

Louise Houston, RWCU’s Project Coordinator said, “It’s great to see so many schools in Renfrewshire taking part in the Cash Cubs savings club. At Renfrewshire-Wide Credit Union we believe it’s important to encourage children to develop a good savings habit and forge early links with credit unions, as this can have lasting benefits that keep going right through their adult years.”

RWCU are currently running projects in Barsail, Bargarran, Glencoats, St James’ Renfrew, Kirklandneuk and Arkleston primary schools, along with many others.

If you would like to start a School Credit Union collection, please contact Louise Houston at RWCU for more information.

0141 889 7442