July 26th marks the beginning of PAGGS – international scouting camp taking place every other year. PAGGS is an international twin town cooperation involving Guides, Scouts & Boys and Girls Brigades aiming at increasing understanding and friendship. It started as a leader‘s conference in 1970 between five twin towns – Paisley (Scotland), Apeldoorn (The Netherlands), Gagny (France), Gladsaxe (Denmark) ad Sutton (England). The name of the conference came from the first letters of the towns hosting it. Being a huge success, the concept expanded and became a camp involving not only the leaders but the young scouts as well. Even though a number of other towns joined this group over time, the original name of PAGGS still sticks.


This year‘s event takes place in Sutton, England and is on until the 4th of August. Paisley & District Scouts and Guides are sending a delegation of around 90 people from Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire. Before the trip, twins Emily & Lucy, both scouts aged 11 years, said: “We are looking forward to making new friends with Scouts & Guides from across Europe. We have heard our older friends talk about PAGGS and the fun they had. This year we will be able to try new activities and learn new things whilst having fun.”

Paisley & District Commissioner Rob Murray said: “We are delighted to have our delegation heading to PAGGS yet again. It is a great pleasure and honour being a part of this life-changing adventure. We will be joining our international friends for sharing experiences, making friends and most importantly, having fun.”

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