St Mirren Football Club has sent footballs to Malawi following a visit to the clubs Paisley headquarters by Malawian farmers. St Mirren’s CEO Tony Fitzpatrick invited Howard Msukwa & Kenneth Mwakasungula to the Paisley 2021 Stadium, sending them away with balls and kit for the youth teams in Karonga district of Malawi. 




The smallholder farmers are in town for the launch of their fair trade Kilombero rice which has just been launched into Co-op stores in Scotland. 

St Mirren were able to make a Fair Trade of their own exchanging footballs for the youth teams in Malawi for the farmers own Kilombero rice. 

The rice which is famous is Africa, is grown by subsistence farmers in Karonga region of Malawi and sold in partnership with Paisley charity Just Trading Scotland. 

The recent Co-op launch is a great step towards escaping rural poverty for tens of thousands of Malawian smallholder farmers. 

Tony Fitzpatrick, CEO of St Mirren said

“When I heard about Kilombero rice arriving in Scotland, via Paisley, I thought it would be a great chance to show St Mirren’s support for this great cause.

“Personally, I have supported an orphanage project in Malawi and the club welcomed the president of Malawi a few years ago, so it was a good opportunity to welcome these gentlemen from Karonga. We have sent them away with footballs and St Mirren kit for the youth teams in Malawi and there are footballs from Fairtrade football company Bala Sports also being given.

“We are delighted to discover the Kilombero rice carries the St Mirren colours, and maybe one day we may see a Malawian footballer take the pitch for St Mirren.”

 Howard Msukwa, Kilombero rice farmer from Malawi said


 “when the Karonga smallholder cooperative begun our partnership with Just Trading Scotland our dream was to sell our rice in Scotland. 


Today we have seen our Kilombero rice in Co-op stores and have been welcomed to the St Mirren Football stadium. A great day. We would like to thank Tony Fitzpatrick and the St Mirren club for their gift to the Karonga district footballers. We hope one day to see Malawian players in Scottish football.”