WHEN the going gets tough, the tough sign up for a new extreme fitness programme just launched at Renfrew Leisure Centre.

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Not for the faint-hearted, the Extreme Outdoor Fitness classes are for already fit people who want to get even fitter.
And before anyone can even join the programme – run by qualified fitness and training expert, Neil Hutchison – they’ll have to prove they can already run a mile in ten minutes, men can do 40 push-ups in one minute and 40 sit-ups in a minute with the women’s test at 20 push-ups and sit-ups in a minute.

The first class takes place on Saturday, June 4 and the six-week training block includes a mix of endurance workouts, Plyometric exercises, sled pulling, battle ropes, parachute runs, viper lifts and tractor tyre flipping.
Neil explains: “This training programme is for people who want to compete in events like Tough Mudder, or improve their times in 5k or 10k races.

“It’s also ideal for anyone who wants to join the police, Fire Brigade, or any of the Armed Forces.
“If people are fit, but want to get to the next level and become super-fit, then they should get down to our training camps and I’ll soon get them reaching their goal.”

He adds: “But make no mistake, these sessions will be tough and only those who want a challenge, are willing to be pushed to their limit and then maybe a bit more should sign up.
“By the end of the six-week course, they’ll be a lot fitter than they were at the start.”
The ultra-fitness sessions are every Saturday between 9.30am and 10.45am and cost £6 per class or £30 for a block of six sessions.

Call the Renfrew Leisure Centre Team on 0300 300 0266 for more information, or to book a Fitness Test.