Gritting teams in Renfrewshire are ready to deal with the winter cold snap as preparations continue to ensure the area is ready for winter.

Nine gritting vehicles will cover more than 850km of roads across Renfrewshire on a priority basis throughout the winter period, with more than 3700 tonnes of grit stored and available to keep Renfrewshire moving.

Last winter, local favourites including Ploughlo Grittini, Tony Gritzpatrick and Thawin’ Batty gritted more than 30,000km in Renfrewshire as the gritters work on a 24/7 basis to keep the roads network safe from snow and ice.

Councillor Stephen Burns, Depute Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, said: “Our teams work incredibly hard throughout the winter to keep Renfrewshire moving, but it’s made easier by the preparations they put in place ahead of time.

“We’ve got more than 3,700 tonnes of grit stored that is ready for use when icy weather arrives, with more available to order should it be required, and our teams monitor the weather 24/7 to ensure we can get out in advance of the temperature dropping.

“With 850km of roads to cover, it is a challenging time. They need to prioritise our main roads, as well as emergency and school routes, but they do a fantastic job in keeping our roads network safe and I thank them for their dedication – it can’t be easy working throughout the night in winter conditions.”

Gritting forms one part of the area’s Ready for Winter campaign which aims to prepare residents and businesses in Renfrewshire for winter weather conditions, while also highlighting the work of frontline council staff who keep services operating whatever the weather.

Ready for Winter also aims to provide residents, businesses and staff with the support they need over the winter period, including information on how to access flu and Covid booster vaccinations; how to prepare your home, your family, or your business for adverse weather; and how to receive support with the cost of living.

Councillor Burns added: “While we’ll be working hard to keep the streets safe from snow and ice, this forms just one part of our preparations for winter and we’re working hard to provide our residents and businesses with the advice and support they need this winter.

“Whether that how to get winter vaccinations, seeking energy advice or cost of living support, or identifying how to best prepare in advance for adverse weather, we want to be there to support you.

“We know these are challenging times so we want to provide as much information as possible for local people to ensure they can access what they need this winter, so please visit our website if you need advice or guidance and we will do all we can to help.”

For more information on the council’s preparations for winter and the support available over the winter period, visit