Abbeycare Launches Updated Alcohol Demotivator – What Will Your Next Drink Really Cost?

Erskine-based addiction clinic Abbeycare have unveiled their latest campaign in helping prevent alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Demotivator

The “Alcohol Demotivator” is an online tool that aims to deter people from abusing alcohol when triggered or stressed.

We all occasionally turn to a coping mechanism like food, shopping, or TV, but it’s worth thinking twice about making alcohol a regular go-to.

By illustrating the stark consequences of a drinking habit, including long term impacts on finances and health, the Alcohol Demotivator aims to de-incentivise turning to alcohol as a habit.

Results from the Alcohol Demotivator are personalised, as the feedback it provides, is based on an individual’s daily alcohol consumption.

The goal is to make people think twice before they drink. Abbeycare also utilise the tool as an alcohol deterrent, which forms part of a larger toolkit including therapeutic help and community support.

To make smarter choices about drinking, try the tool on Abbeycare’s site, here:


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