The Chancellor was today warned – help our local travel workers or thousands will pay the price.  

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The call came as SNP MPs backed travel workers in their campaign to secure UK Government support to save their jobs and those of thousands more. 


Local MP Gavin Newlands spearheaded the effort, which calls on the Chancellor to make sure workers affected by the holes in the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme aren’t left behind, including those employed in a travel sector which has been devastated by the current situation. 


As Shadow Transport Secretary, Newlands has pushed the authorities since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis to make sure key industries and workers who’ve been hit hard by the massive economic impact aren’t left behind.


With Renfrewshire a key hub for travel jobs, the Paisley and Renfrewshire North MP has teamed up with other SNP frontbenchers to call for quick government action to save the industry and save jobs. 


Gavin said:


“I’ve welcomed many of the UK Government’s support measures, but linking them all is a failure to understand that complexity is the enemy of the urgency we need Government to show right now. 


“Every industry is under immense pressure and the travel sector is no different. If tour operators go under it’ll ultimately be the UK Government that has to compensate customers, so getting the policies right now could save the taxpayer millions down the line.  This isn’t a bailout – it’s doing the right thing for workers and consumers. 


“It can’t be beyond the imagination of the UK Government to implement a scheme that protects consumers and supports an industry that employs hundreds of thousands of people – and particularly here in Renfrewshire where the airport and related companies are major employers. 


“The Scottish Government has taken the lead in ensuring businesses are given immediate help with business rates, but it’s the UK Government that has the powers to make sure jobs and livelihoods are safeguarded. 


“The Chancellor’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, while welcome, has too many loopholes in it to be a proper safety net for those who need support. It’s time for a minimum income guarantee to make sure every citizen gets what they need to help make it through these unprecedented times.” 


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