St John Bosco Nursery

Renfrewshire Council is recruiting for Depute Heads of Centre and Heads of Centre jobs in nurseries across the area.

St John Bosco Nursery

Gillian Kinnear is the Head of Centre for Glendee Early Learning and Childcare Centre in Renfrew and says the job helps her make a difference for children and families.

She said: “I aspired to be a Head of Centre because I wanted to make a difference to the lives of children and their families.

“Nurturing is a key part of the job. Coming into a nursery should be a fun experience and one where people can turn to one another for support if they have something going on in their lives. That’s why I greet parents and children every morning when they come into nursery. It’s about building relationships and making sure I’m there if they need someone that morning.

“It’s the same philosophy I have with my team, making sure their needs are being met, that they have the training in place they need and want, as well as letting colleagues take the lead on initiatives, such as STEM and literacy, so they can learn and grow.

“We have around 100 children in our nursery at any one time and we make sure we have a broad range of quality learning experiences for them, including the outdoor areas that children can access at any time. We also have break-out areas for children to take some quiet time as it can get very busy in the play areas.

“Lunchtime is also an exciting time for children. They get to develop their social skills and have a routine of going to the same table with the same members of staff. They also develop social skills from visiting the local care home once a week and meeting their buddy there.

“Since I started working for a council-run nursery back in 2001, I have benefited from a range of training and development opportunities, including a BA in Childhood Practice and a Froebel Certificate in Early Childhood. It is definitely a benefit of working in this sector that you can learn on-the-job and develop your career.

“My role comes with a lot of responsibility, but I enjoy it and it has given me many opportunities to make a difference for families, and that’s what I really wanted. I’d recommend working towards a management role if that’s what you want to do too.”

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