aesthetic suites
Our advanced aesthetic training and knowledge brought into the clinic ensures a pleasant experience.

Aesthetic Suites, Paisley, is 1 of ONLY 5 regulated independent clinics within Renfrewshire area.  Healthcare Improvement Scotland is an authority on the development of evidence-based advice, guidance and standards.  Here at Aesthetic Suites we take the safety and expectations of our patients extremely serious.  We only use high quality products for treatments, anti-wrinkle treatments are prescribed by our non-medical prescriber after a consultation has been completed to ensure relevant and necessary.  All our treatments including dermal fillers are administered by our highly experienced aesthetic nurse.  We do not employ beauty therapist to administer injections.  We purchase ALL our products from registered aesthetic pharmacy.
We uphold the reputation of our nursing profession at all times.  We believe we lead the way in integrity and leadership, therefore resulting in trust and confidence from our patients.

Anti-wrinkle treatments
• Lip augmentation
• Dermal fillers
• Skin Boosting
• Skin care

All enquiries welcome.  Contact us on 0141 2371750