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Hose needing cooled down after marathon charity aerobics session?

Fitness fans certainly kept their cool when they took part in a marathon aerobics session to raise money for charity.

They took part of their Six-Hour Sweat Sesh outdoors in the sunshine at the ON-X, in Linwood and were cooled down by being sprayed with water from a hose.

Around 60 people took part in the Sweat Sesh as part of Renfrewshire Leisure’s annual fundraising effort for St Vincent’s and ACCORD hospices, which sees different charity sporting events being staged.

Charlie McDougall, senior facilities manager at Renfrewshire Leisure who organises the charity events said:
“It was scorching the day we had our Six Hour Sweat Sesh in the ON-X, so we took some of the exercises outdoor. And to make sure no one was suffering too much from the heat we sprayed them with water from a hose.

“It was great fun and thanks to everyone who took part.”