Baggage Freedom – The West Highland Way Baggage Transfer + Pet Friendly Transport Service.
So you’re thinking of doing the West Highland Way, huh?
You’re in luck! We want to help you achieve this!
Feel the Baggage Freedom of not having to carry a bag!
Sounds good right?
Baggage Freedom are the only pet-friendly return transport and baggage transfer service and we also wear kilts! We will carry your bag the full trip for only £45. We also have an onboard survival shop for any emergency items that you may have forgot or lost along the way. We also provide pet friendly return transport daily from Fort William to Glasgow. As if that wasn’t enough, we also sell full walking season memberships which give unlimited Baggage Freedom access!
Why pick us?
Hello, my name’s Gregg.
As an ex British Army veteran who has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, with over 9 years of delivery of goods experience, you can be at total ease knowing your baggage will be waiting for you at each location. Professional, friendly, insured, reliable service.
Giving you Baggage Freeeedom!!!