You’ve never seen colour run so fast as youngsters enjoyed an unusual race during the October Week Activities Camp, at The ON-X Sports Centre, in Linwood.

youngsters and staff at Linwood’s ON-X Sports Centre’s Colour Run Race during the October holiday activities camp.

More than 30 youngsters took part in the Colour Run Race, which saw them run round the athletics track and take part in an obstacle course while being pelted with powdered paint.

Some of the runners even stopped to let the team leaders cover them in the multi-coloured paint powder.
And the result was a bunch of kids enjoying being turned pink, green, orange and yellow.

The Colour Run Race was just one of the many fun activities organised for them by Renfrewshire Leisure the youngsters took part in.

Chief executive of Renfrewshire Leisure, Joyce McKellar said: “Our school holiday activity camps are becoming more popular every year and we try to bring lots of fun into the activities.

“Our staff spend a lot of time coming up with new ideas for activities for the kids to enjoy.”