Get a fantastic taste from around the world in oor Hoose.
We do Italian food, we do Chinese food, We do Mexican food, We do American food, we do Cajun food and we do Scottish Food.  Why would you want to go to a one trick restuarant, come to Hamishes and taste the whole world, well most of it anyway. Lol!!
Ye wanna know whats going to happen in your life before it does? Well you might get an insight into the future on Thursday the 27th July in oor Hoose with our very popular Psychic Night. Nick in and put your name down on the sheet to guarantee your place. Cheers
Come in and eat our Traditional Homemade steak pie or have a pint of the foaming £2.75 Carling in comfort this scorcher of a day in oorHoose on the High Street. cheers Paisley2021.
Get yer diaries oot for this great gig by the Mod Revivalist Re-Start on the 5th August.
Look out your soft shoes and some talc, for it’s the regular monthly Northern Soul/Motown night. Great tunes that will have you on yer feet all night.
Great deals on the popular drinks in the Hoose with Carling at £2.75 and a 35ml of Vodka or Whisky and a dash of mixer for only £2.50