The basis on which properties are assessed for council tax has been changed by the Scottish Government and this will increase the charge for properties banded E to H.

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Renfrewshire Council has no discretion in this matter and is legally required to apply these increases from 1 April 2017. Households living in properties in bands A to D are not affected by the increases.

The change means that residents of Band E properties will pay at least £106.76 per year more in council tax, which equates to an extra £8.90 per calendar month or an additional £2.05 per week.

Residents of Band H properties will pay at least £524.11 per year more than they do at present, which is an increase of £43.68 per calendar month or £10.08 per week.

Renfrewshire Council Leader Mark Macmillan said: “The Scottish Government has changed the ‘council tax multiplier’ for higher bands, which automatically raises the charges for those households.

“All councils are legally required to implement this change from the start of April and we have no power to opt-out.

“We have written to every affected household in Renfrewshire to help residents prepare for the changes coming into effect, as well as to advise people who may be entitled to exemptions on how they can apply for them.”

Council tax bills for 2017-18 confirming payments will be issued to all households mid March.

Households with income that does not exceed £321 per week for single households, or £479 per week for couples, lone parents and families, are eligible to apply for a full exemption from the increased charge through the Council Tax Reduction scheme.

People can apply for Council Tax Reduction through the MyAccount service at

Paper application forms are available by visiting a Renfrewshire Council a Customer Service Centre or by calling 0300 300 0288.

Where possible, completed application forms will be processed by the council in time to be included in the 2017/18 annual demand notice; otherwise applications will processed and a replacement notice will be issued at the earliest opportunity.

Low income households already in receipt of Council Tax Reduction do not need to re-apply.

Anyone having difficulty paying their Council Tax, or who falls behind with their payments, should call Renfrewshire Council on 0300 300 0300 (Monday to Thursday 8.45am-4.45pm, Friday 8.45am-3.55pm) for help and advice.