Helping our members this #Christmas

Christmas is a great time of year for just about everyone! Family, friends, presents and good food. Although Christmas is a magical time of year many find it a very stressful time of year; this is due to the financial struggle that Christmas can bring. In the run up to Christmas many people opt to take out loans using banks and payday lenders which might seem like the best option at the time, however in the long term this option can cause even more financial stress.

untitled-1Have you thought about becoming a member of a credit union?

A credit union is a financial institution similar to a bank or building society except it is owned and operated by its members. Members have a say in how the credit union operates and contribute to all aspects of decision making through the board members. We care about you and our community as a whole; credit unions are for the people. One difference between a bank and credit union is that banks have external shareholders; banks focus on making money for their shareholders. Credit unions are not for profit and are run by members, members are shareholders, so any decisions that are made have the members at the center of the decision.


Renfrewshire-Wide Credit union is open to everyone who lives, works or studies in Renfrewshire, we offer many products and services to our members. We are there for you through all occasions whether it be a Christmas, new car, wedding, home improvements and even unexpected bills. There is something here for everyone at Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union.

There are many products and services available for members during the festive season –

We offer ethical loans to our members to discourage the use of payday lenders; there is always another option and we can help take the financial struggle away. You can become a member of RWCU online and even apply for your loan online.

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