My Name is Brian McGuire today marks 20 years of me doing the Paisley website, what do I get from it… One word Pride and pride for all the volunteers who have set out to help do what I have set out to do, without them it would be nothing. I don’t ask for riches I don’t ask for fame, although there are others out there who attempt a poor copy of what I have set out to do. I shall name no names.

Brian McGuire

What have I set out to do… Well promote Paisley in a Positive Light i.e #PositivePaisley

When I first started no one knew what was going on in the town, no one cared, the town was a shambles as far as organisation was concerned.

Now Look, it’s amazing the place tonight was buzzing there is a real sense of optimism. I would like to think by setting up I was in some way responsible for changing perceptions and I am not wrong. I hopefully have made people sit up and notice that their town should be something to be proud of not something to ignore. The council through its successive administrations certainly has started to really get its act together.

I help all sorts of organisations, all quietly I never shout from the rooftop unlike some pretenders who are out for themselves.

I love the town I grew up in and live and work in. Paisley 2021 is an amazing thing which I hope succeeds.

Paisley has cultural, historical and the people who live in the town just make it come alive. I shall continue to do what I do, I will overcome the barriers in our way and Paisley will be great again.. I thank all the visitors to the number of websites and of course the sponsors without such I couldn’t do what I do. The Future is Bright…. Thank you… 20 Years is a long time… here’s to the next 20….


Founder of in 1998 and constantly strives to change peoples attitudes to the town, Brian is a self described Paisley Digital Champion who promotes Paisley via any means necessary. You can also follow me on X