As your trusted local practice, Champion Vets Paisley is committed to improving the health of Paisley’s cats. Cats that venture outside are vulnerable to potentially fatal diseases such as cat ‘flu and leukaemia (FeLV). To combat this, the practice is offering reduced price vaccinations to all cats whose vaccination has lapsed.


Routine vaccinations protect cats against diseases which exist in cat populations throughout the Paisley area and continue to cause outbreaks without warning.

“For a variety of reasons not all cats’ vaccinations are kept up-to-date, which can put them at risk from an illness that could be easily avoided,” explains head vet Stephen Champion. “At Champion Vets we are dedicated to helping cat owners keep their beloved friends healthy – after all, they are an important member of the family!”

We are pleased to launch a limited VACCINE AMNESTY and are offering reduced price vaccinations for all cats who have not been vaccinated for 14 months or more. Cats will receive a full vaccination course of 2 vaccinations (3 weeks apart) for just £39.95 (the price of a booster) until the end of November 2016. PLUS, we will include a free worming treatment, PLUS a full veterinary health check, PLUS a 10% discount in the unlikely event that any further treatment is required at the time. This represents a total saving of over £25.00 on the vaccine and worming alone!

For further information and to make an appointment simply contact your local Champion Vets on 0141 889 7638 and speak to Dianne or Lara. Don’t delay – this is the biggest single thing you can do to help protect the health of the cats you love!