Renfrewshire Carers Centre is a one stop shop for carers in Renfrewshire. The Centre provides wide range of services to match any needs.


Training at Renfrewshire Carers Centre is offered to carers caring for a partner, relative, neighbour or friend who is ill, has a disability or is frail. Training for Carers in Renfrewshire’ provides short training courses for carers to improve their caring skills and knowledge, and opportunities to learn from other carers. As a result it is hoped that carers will feel more comfortable and confident in their caring role.

Carers can choose from the variety of courses such as caring for someone with Dementia, seated massage, facial reflexology, relaxation and mindfulness, stress management, first aid and power of attorney POA – guardianship training. Every month training courses vary depending on the demand. Carers’ feedback about the courses is overwhelmingly positive and training groups facilitators notice how learning new skills improves carers’ confidence and wellbeing.


One of the carers Trish  from Paisley who benefited from the training program at Renfrewshire Carers Centre told us her story:
I suddenly without warning became a carer 5 years ago when my husband went into hospital for a routine operation and became really ill. My husband was sent home with no support in place.”

Being a carer is not an easy task and takes a lot of adaptation Trish said: “I felt socially isolated which wasn’t me at all. My husband was always fit and well and we shared all tasks and I then found myself doing everything finding time to do anything else for myself was impossible”

After struggling on her own Trish came across Renfrewshire Carers Centre: “I spotted an information stand during carers week at the RAH and was given leaflets on the Centre and through reading these that I realised the similarities in my situation.”

It is fair to say that being a carer is a hard job and as any job it requires special skills and knowledge: “At first I came along to training project for specific courses to enable me to give the best support to my husband like POA as I had heard about this but had no idea how this worked and Falls prevention to help me look at how to stop any unnecessary falls or injuries to both my husband and myself. . I then progressed to courses such as Mindfulness, Reiki, and Relaxation these courses gave me the biggest influence as I was now in a situation that I could recognise triggers of stress and be better able to deal with stressful situation using the techniques I had learned through the training courses.”

Carers who are attending training courses at Renfrewshire Carers Centre noticed improved confidence and self-belief. Trish commented: “Before coming along to the Training courses and the Carers Centre I felt I was going nuts and had forgot who I really was. I am now in a situation where my confidence is back. I am able to be the person I once was.”  She also added: I don’t feel alone any more. Life is more structured and I now have a life outside of caring. I now have the confidence to set personal goals which I can and have achieved.”

Other carers commented on positive aspects of taking training courses:
“Techniques were explained very well. I can use them myself or on the person I care for.” Facial Reflexology
I found useful hints to help me cope with my mum’s behaviour and also how not to feel guilty if I feel I cannot cope.”Caring for someone with Dementia
“Very informative, put in plain language you could understand.” POA/Guardianship
“It made me aware of all sorts of hazards that I was ignorant to before. Made me ready to assess my situation with fresh eyes.” Falls Prevention

Trish commented that attending training courses improved quality of her caring as well as quality of her and her husband’s life: Getting on with life. This has been made possible with the help information  and support of the Renfrewshire carers centre and the Training Project giving me new skills and techniques to help me in my caring role.” 

Renfrewshire Carers Centre offers number of illness specific  trainings such as caring for someone with Dementia. Iain Houston, a Dementia Advisor at Alzheimer Scotland covering Renfrewshire told us: “As a dementia Advisor it is my primary role to provide information and advice to people diagnosed with dementia, their carers and families.This can range from how dementia may affect someone, developing about coping strategies, planning for the future and linking in with services that be beneficial to them.
During the sessions we talk about what dementia is, how it can affect a person’s brain and how they may experience some similar and some vastly different symptoms. One of the most important things that we do in the session is to try and understand dementia from the person with dementia’s perspective. It is hoped that during these short sessions that it helps carers view things slightly differently and help people understand dementia a little more and make their caring role easier, even if just a little. This peer support element is something that we really try to encourage in the sessions and something that people who have attended one of the sessions often comment on as being a real positive of coming along”


Basic First Aid 09/08/2016 10.30-12.30
Simple Relaxation 16/08/2016 5.30-8.30
Facial Reflexology 26/08/2016 10.30-2.30
Mindfulness “Meditation to calm the mind and body” 30/08/2016 10.30-2.30

If you are interested in attending any of these training courses please contact Liz Smith, Training Worker, on 0141 847 1933 or email

For full information about the courses please visit Renfrewshire Carers Website: