‘Glentanar Court provides ‘retirement housing’ for those aged 50 plus.  Situated in large and well-kept gardens in an established residential area, Glentanar Court offers the convenience of your own flat within a secure complex with an office staffed part time to ensure you have assistance with reporting repairs, accessing our welfare rights service and  customer focussed property management . The Social Group arranges a wide range of activities, many taking place in the communal lounge and  often open to family and friends.

The Gardening Club supports tenants in getting more involved in planting and improving the garden area with the added bonus of providing a ‘green gym’! There is a weekly bowling night, a games night, a Film Club –  and the Social Group is developing community partnerships.

The waiting list is open for applications for one person flats.

Those wishing to make an application can call 0800 990 3405 to arrange to have a cup of coffee with the court co-ordinator, and ask any questions. You will also be able to get assistance with completion of the housing application form.