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Renfrewshire Council is taking action to support residents living near a partially derelict hospital building in Paisley.

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The former Alexandra Nursing Home building in Neilston Road, Paisley, has been subject to vandalism, antisocial behaviour and metal thefts for some time.

Now Renfrewshire Council has taken enforcement action against the owner of the building to secure the property and prevent unauthorised access.

If that isn’t done, the council may arrange for security measures to be installed and the cost will be recharged to the owner.

Councillor Eddie Devine, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Environment Policy Board, said: We fully understand the concerns of the local community at the ongoing disruption caused by people gaining access to the property.

“The level of vandalism and antisocial behaviour is unacceptable and is endangering public services workers who have to respond to it, let alone the perpetrators.

“The council, and police and fire and rescue services, have done a lot of work to prevent or resolve problems. That has included patrols by police and community wardens and negotiations involving the building standards team.

“Ultimately, it is the owner’s legal responsibility to secure the building. Some works have been carried out but those haven’t secured the site effectively for any length of time.

“Now we are faced with a situation where the building owner isn’t communicating and we can’t allow the situation to continue or worsen.

“This enforcement action will ensure that doesn’t happen.”