mission hall

The Mission Hall

The Mission Hall in the West End of Paisley was a building approved for demolition by Renfrewshire Council. It was rescued and lovingly restored by Starlight Youth Music Theatre Group owners Maria & Adrian with help from their friends and family.

Paisley on the web visited the Mission Hall to find the building not only restored but now having a purpose once again, it is such a beautiful building. The building has been restored to a make home for Starlight Youth Music Theatre group, find out more information below the video.


Starlight Youth Music Theatre

Starlight is a theatre company which was established in 2002 for young people aged between 3 and 19 years. We have our own, newly refurbished premises at 16 Wellmeadow Street, Paisley, where we meet for rehearsals on a weekly basis. In our classes we are constantly working towards the next performance in which we aim to achieve the highest standards possible.

Starlight offers both a high standard of training in all aspects of musical theatre as well as giving you the chance to take part in a fully staged show with lights, sound, costumes, scenery and a full orchestra.

To find out more about Starlight Youth Music Theatre visit their website starlightyouthmusictheatre.co.uk