Paisley Museum

Viewing Shakespeare in a whole new light

An exhibition called ‘Lighting Up Shakespeare’ will take place at Paisley Museum from Wednesday 22 August until Sunday 4 November.

Pioneered by Renfrewshire Arts & Museums’ own technician Emma Armstrong, ‘Lighting Up Shakespeare’ presents an interactive exploration of the poet and playwright’s stage: from learning about the history of stage lighting to how modern technology can be used to recreate the candlelight of the seventeenth century theatre.

Emma explained:

‘The project came about from my interests as a lighting designer and technician. Most people know at least one Shakespeare play, but how would it have looked? How would a Shakespearean audience have seen it? How can we recreate the stage safely without the place burning down as many theatres did back then?’

The exhibition promises to answer these questions in a hands-on way: allowing participants to test their colour matching skills and experience using both modern and old fashioned lighting equipment and techniques. Entry to this exhibition is free.

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