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Weaving the past and future as u3a joins Sma’ Shot Day

Paisley & District u3a Banner silhouette AP Y

Among this year’s community groups ready to celebrate Sma’ Shot Day is Paisley & District u3a.   Volunteer members have created a special banner which marks 40 years of this worldwide learning organisation.  Paisley pattern hats have also been made for the occasion.   u3a marchers will join the colourful procession leaving Brodie Park at 12 noon on Saturday 2 July for the traditional walk to Abbey Close.

Paisley & District u3a Banner silhouette AP Y

u3a chair, Kathy O’Donnell remarked: ‘It’s an honour for Paisley & District u3a to take part in this popular historic event.  Our u3a only started four years ago.  It’s now grown to more than 100 members and has 16 groups and activities.  We have fun as we enjoy trying new interests and sharing our skills and knowledge.  Like the Paisley weavers, our u3a believes in activism which brings a community together.  We hope to attract new members and can offer free information on the day.

‘We are grateful to Renfrewshire Council and to Bridgeman Arts for providing us with some artistic support.  Artist Jane McInally helped us to design and produce our very first u3a banner.  Naturally we are proud to display it alongside other local groups as we mark the oldest workers’ festival (1856) and the town’s Sma’ Shot Day heritage.’

Details of local u3a activities and groups at: https://u3asites.org.uk/paisley/welcome