A site mirror is an identical replica of one resource’s data and content on another domain. Then immediately you ask yourself a question: What is the reason for making site mirror? At first sight, it appears that only one webpage, will be sufficient. However, upon closer investigation, not everything appears to be as easy as it appears at first look.

Website domain’s mirrors can be created for a plethora of reasons. Mirrors are often built to offer visitors with the same material on many websites, each hosted on a separate server. This is done so that if one of the servers experiences technical difficulties, the second one may continue to function normally.

If one of the servers fails, the user is instantly routed to the site’s mirror. This is done in this situation to disperse the load over many servers, therefore improving the site’s functioning.  Mirrors are also frequently set up by popular portals. For instance, you can access The Pirate Bay through a proxy like pirate bay proxy.

When we examine all of the reasons for using mirrors, we may identify the following as the most important:

  • Backup of data, preservation of information against harm.
  • In the event that the main server is down for maintenance, a functioning duplicate of the site is created.
  • Providing access to information that would otherwise be unavailable (blocking);
  • Load distribution across many servers to improve site speed.
  • Passing your country’s blocking system;

Mirrors are set up at the site owner’s request. Multihosting servers are an excellent illustration of how proxy systems work, as each secondary site is as accessible as a subdomain of the main site.

In practice, it is common for a site to not appear under its primary name during a search query, like the famous Pirate Bay torrent tracker. This implies that the site has many mirrors, and the search robot chose the working available main page from among them. At the same time, owner does not regard the robot-defined main domain to be the primary one.

Website owners can resolve this undesirable situation, by indicating the site that should be the most significant in the group of mirrors in the file robots.txt. It must be placed in the root directory, which must also have the host directive. After a while, the primary mirror will change, and the site will participate in the search under the selected domain .

The site mirror must always satisfy one key criterion: it must be identical to the original site and constantly updated with it.

A well-trafficked site mirror can earn money in the same way as the primary site. It must, however, be an identical replica of the main page and evolve in tandem with it. In some instances, mirror sites are the only way for your visitors to enter your website. Just look at how ThePirateBay uses their pirate bay proxy in order to circumvent every country’s blocking.