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As citizens of the United States, we all have certain rights that cannot be violated. Despite the power dynamic or the relationship between two parties, infringement of these rights is a violation of law and is actionable according to the constitution. The rule also applies to any and all interactions between the law enforcement agents and the general public. Being a police officer does not exempt a person from violating someone’s civil rights, and any such incident that might occur should be dealt with by the strict hand of the law.

If you or your loved one got involved in an incident of police brutality, you can hold the police officer responsible for their egregious misconduct in a court of law. An experienced New York civil rights attorney at Friedman Levy can help you pursue legal action against such police officers and assist in getting you the compensation you deserve for your emotional, financial, and physical damages.

What are Civil Rights?

Under the constitution of the United States, all citizens of the country are guaranteed fundamental rights known as civil rights. These rights and liberties form the core of American society and cannot be violated by any person or organization. In the context of police misconduct, these rights include the rights to free speech, protection from illegal frisks and searches, access to due process, and the right to hire an attorney for the defense.

Police Misconduct & Civil Rights Violations

Police misconduct has been one of the most important topics of discussion in the social climate of recent years. While the growing number of cases of police misconduct are alarming, to say the least, these cases of civil rights violations are some of the biggest causes of physical, emotional, and financial distress for unsuspecting, law-abiding citizens. Besides the emotional trauma, these cases leave their victims with dozens of unforeseen expenses, including hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential legal fees, loss of income, penalties, and more.

Police brutality is not just limited to unprompted ‘stop-and-frisk’ incidents. It also includes every incident where a citizen is treated with unnecessary force, threatened or mistreated during an investigation, arrested without any just cause, improperly arrested, falsely imprisoned, or maliciously prosecuted. Police brutality does not necessarily remain confined to one part of your interaction with law enforcement. Other forms of police misconduct include intimidation, verbal abuse, shooting unarmed persons, among others.

Knowing Your Rights

With the incidence of police misconduct and brutality on the rise, it is essential to know your rights if you ever find yourself on the receiving end of such altercations with law enforcement agents. It is advisable to use your smartphone to record any such interaction, whether audio or video, and note down the names and badge numbers of the offending officers, besides noting down the time, date, and place of the altercation. While audio recordings are certainly helpful in future legal proceedings, video evidence is of prime importance and can be a crucial component of your legal case against the offending police officer.


If you were mistreated by a police officer and you feel that your civil rights were violated, you should immediately contact a civil rights attorney. An experienced lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve for your emotional, financial, and physical damages, and assist you in getting justice.