Since the situation of COVID-19 has eased a bit, the UK has facilitated its rules of visiting with regard to traveling between France and the UK. This does not only mean that the fully vaccinated people will be able to travel but also means that the situation of COVID has improved in these places. Further, if you are an American and wish to visit France, you must obtain an ETIAS France for Americans. In order to learn more about travelling between France and UK, keep reading the article.

The government of the UK has made certain changes to the rules regarding COVID-19. Even though there is a slight difference among the rules of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England, majorly it is an end of the various lists like amber and red.

Accepting Mixed Vaccine Doses

About a month ago, the UK government declared that they are considering fully vaccinated as people vaccinated with doses of different vaccines. This is applicable to individuals who have been vaccinated with Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and/or AstraZeneca. This must have taken place during a vaccination programme in the UK Overseas Territories, the US, Europe, or the UK.

Earlier, the government mentioned that an individual is required to have a couple of doses of the same vaccine type for being recognised as fully vaccinated. This rule is applicable to England solely and not applicable to other countries of the UK.

From the 4th of this month, the rule is applicable to individuals vaccinated a number of nations that comprises New Zealand, Israel, and Australia.

Mixed Nations

Beginning from 4 October, the UK will consider individuals vaccinated under 2 distinguished vaccination programmes as entirely vaccinated. This can mean that a person got one dose in the US and another in France. Further, this rule is applicable to everybody vaccinated under the programmes in UAE, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, New Zealand, Malaysia, Kuwait, Japan, Israel, Dominica, Canada, Brune, Bahrain, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, UK Overseas Territories, the US, Europe, or the UK.

Pre-departure tests – Over!

People who are fully vaccinated and have plans to visit England from a nation listed among the countries in red list are no longer required to take a pre-departure PCR test. Further, they can travel only with a proof of their vaccination. Further, any individual who is fully vaccinated in the US will also be required to provide a proof that they are a resident of the US.

Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are yet to follow the government of UK regarding this rule. This is why, currently, they require pre-departure tests.

Rapid Antigen instead of PCR

The government of UK is thinking about making it occurs that visitor of England take a test of rapid antigen on the second day of their arrival. This is to replace the PCR test. Not only are these tests half the price of PCR tests but also more efficient. It is possible that by the end of the month, this change comes into effect. However, the precise date has not been declared yet. It is clear that England will follow this rule. However, the other governments of the UK are yet to declare the same.

Important Tips

The following are some crucial tips to take into consideration when thinking about travelling between UK and France.

  1. The children aged less than 18, who are travelling with adults that are fully vaccinated, are not required to provide an essential reason for travelling. They are also not required to isolate themselves upon arrival.
  2. The entry requirements of the UK are applicable to both vaccinated as well as unvaccinated individuals.
  3. France is currently on the red list. The green, amber and red lists are reviewed by the UK government every 3 weeks.
  4. If you wish to travel to France for a holiday, you may. However, according to the provided advisory by FCDO, it is crucial to limit travels to essential visits only. This will help reducing the risk of getting infected. However, if you still decide to travel for nonessential reasons, it is your risk to take.
  5. In case you wish to travel to France with an important reason that is not listed, you will be required to consult the French Consulate in London to assist you for a reason not listed in the International Travel Certificate.
  6. There are no preventions to travelling for the UK residents or citizens from France to the UK.

The Bottom Line

Travelling between France and the UK requires following certain guidelines. While England has changed several rules related to travellers, other nations of the UK are yet to do so. So, it entirely is based on the reason you wish to travel and your destination country.