All over the world, climate changes have been remarkably noticeable. Extreme weather is gradually becoming a common phenomenon in all corners of the world. And now more than ever, people are learning to change and implement new ways to protect their homes and resources amidst the huge transition.

From a recent survey, it was discovered that extreme weather not only affects lives, destroys homes and most importantly disrupts lives. Additionally, it impacts utility bills, by causing a swift increase in utility bills across the globe. This has no doubt led to a state of anxiety amongst home owners.

From the reports at NOAA, extreme weather events caused close to $95 billion in damages. Extreme weather encompasses a lot of elements which include flooding, tornados, heat waves, flooding, blizzards and long seasons of freezing weather. Each of these events can cause long lasting damages on the utility bills we incur.

For a start, you must understand that when it comes to your electric bills, weather plays a significant role. First, you must hack your life, instead of letting weather conditions hack you. An output of intense heat in the summer season can cause certain shake ups in your bill. Extremely high temperatures from July will cause a spike up increase in August/September bills.

Typically as the weather gets hotter, it’s expected that people will often stay at home. This simply implies that the AC will keep running more for longer duration. Because, everyone will want a cooling effect from the harsh weather conditions. This would also mean, the longer people crave to stay at home, the more they tend to use most of the other appliances often.

For students that choose to come home after school or college during summer, they frequently leave the lights on, use the refrigerator, spend long hours on electronic devices, and use the laundry and dishwasher more.  All these events and more, tend to increase the summer electric bill. In contrast, when the temperature gets colder, the various heating systems and devices on our various homes tend to run longer and work more intensively to provide warmth in our homes. For instance, if the temperature outside is about 50°c, the heating systems usually need to run for a few minutes every hour in order to maintain the temperature in our homes. However, when the temperature begins to drop to zero and below, it’s mandatory that it may come on more frequently and run for a longer duration so as to maintain the indoor temperature. Which often means, your electric bill will be on the high side. 

Knowing the dangers and effects of these turbulent weather conditions on utility bills is a step forward in providing solutions to this global problem. We understand that we can’t defeat nature by fighting against unforeseen weather conditions. However, you can hack your life by trying some productive tricks to be a step ahead by preparing to prevent the havoc it wreaks on our bills. 

Firstly, you must put your thermostat to good use because for every one degree you raise your thermostat, it means a 2% reduction in your bill. 

You must also reduce the frequency of A/C use. Remember that even if it’s just a few degrees, it does make a lot of difference. And we are all about making a difference regardless of the little milestones we will attain. To reduce the AC use, a lot of people often tend to close their shades and blinds to keep the room cool. When the atmosphere is cool, it’s pointless to switch on the a/c or keep it running for longer durations.

You have to unlearn some habits and learn new habits that will help you as you intend to reduce your utility bill. It’s easy to have our lights on and leave electronics on for several days, because you have been indoors most days and even when you are going out you still leave them. It’s advisable to always turn off your lights when you are not using them or going out. 

Avoid leaving your electronics on, when you are not using them, especially your T.V. Even if you are home all day, if you are sure that you won’t be watching your T.V, it’s best to always switch it off.

Reducing the frequency of high energy chores is one area not to neglect. Due to extreme weather, and you’re stuck at home, it’s easy to eat more and use more dishes and equally have more chores to do. However, you must strategize in your ways. It’s wasteful to wash frequently daily. It’s more logical to save it all for later and do a one time thing.

For your gas bill not to be drastically affected, you can sometimes fire up the outdoor grill, rather than cooking inside. This will also be a fun experience for you and your family. For some homes, it’s a perfect way to bond together and build fond memories. 

According to consumer experts, during heat waves, it’s advisable that utility customers can try to achieve a cool environment in the night, when the Air conditioning doesn’t necessarily have to work so much to achieve the desired temperature. The next day, clients can make efforts to preserve as much cold air as necessary by simply ensuring the windows and doors are tightly locked or sealed. Events that will also create heat in the house must be duly avoided.

Knowing how to navigate through adverse weather conditions will go a long way to help maintain good utility bill records.