Which Lottery Is Helping Charities And Good Causes Most?

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We all enjoy lotto games. They are unforeseeable, they offer a feeling of excitement and what’s most important – they can make you win a lot of cash. But besides just giving an opportunity to have a good time, several of the lottery games may additionally help charities. Why? For many years, the objective of a lottery was to get money to help people level the playing field, to those physically impaired, the veterans and many more. The money from bets was then given to various organisations. So, if you enjoy both: playing a game and sustain some regional (or global) charity objectives, choosing a lotto is a great idea. It’s good to check, though, how much of the revenue, in fact, goes to charity. Below we analyse some of the online lottery games as well as their participation in philanthropic activities.

The National Lottery game

The National Lotto is possibly the most popular one in the UK. It runs since 1994 and according to the organisers’ info, around half of the cash goes mosts likely to the prize fund, and virtually a quarter of them is given to charity– the so-called ‘good causes’ as the Parliament states. Around 28% of every ticket price also goes with them. The ‘good causes’ are furtherly divided into 4 categories: health, environment protection, fair education, and charity. All of the good causes may vary: some of them are against criminal offence and violence and some help to protect rare species of fish. To sum up, it’s worth observing that around 25% of the lottery game money is dedicated to make our world a better place.

The Health Lottery game

The Health Lotto game is another alternative for those who wish to contribute to charity goals. The lottery has actually been active since 2011 and it’s indicated to sustain the British healthcare system. It remains in fact composed of twelve smaller lottos throughout the UK and also it’s broadcast live each week. Nonetheless, there have been some debates concerning the lottery, as it ended up that only about 20% of the ticket cost goes to charity, while The National Lotto game gives away 28%. Still, 20% is a massive amount when you take into consideration how many people try their luck – on average, more than 32 million UK people, play the lottery on a regular basis.


EuroMillions is a European lotto based in France. It runs in France, the UK, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal as well as Switzerland and it offers– generally– around 28% of the revenue to charity. The particular recipients vary in each country, yet in UK it claims to support heritage, arts, sports and environmental organisations. More details you can find here. Each nation chooses charity objectives by themselves, as each has their own preferences.

People’s Postcode Lottery

People’s Postcode Lottery also comes from the UK and is run in British pounds. It’s a membership lotto, which indicates that in order to participate, you need to participate regularly with a monthly fee. The best thing is that minimum of 32% of each subscription rate is given to charity. Charities are again, vary from Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust to Riding for the Disabled Association. Particular groups of lucky recipients are selected monthly by the lotto organisers.

Unity Lottery

While playing Unity Lottery you have a chance to choose on your own which organisation is the closest to your heart and therefore, which one you prefer to support. Moreover, it allows you to support your neighbourhood organisations since before buying a ticket, you can really determine what charity goal you would like to hold up to– there are numerous great causes on their website to choose from. If a certain organisation is not listed, you can always contact the organisers and ask them to include it – how awesome is that? The weekly cost is normally one pound. From every pound, at least fifty cents go to charity. No else lotto can beat it.

Although lottery games may at a glance seem to be just like gambling, they have a much deeper purpose. By buying lotto tickets or paying their monthly/weekly registrations, players can support local or global charity organisations and help all the great causes that are important to them. When selecting a charity lottery, nonetheless, it’s worth to pay attention to the percentage of the ticket price which actually goes to charity or if your favourite organisation is listed. Sometimes it may be smaller than you anticipate but you have to remember that apart from supporting charities they also create jobs. One must admit though that from the lotto games mentioned, Unity Lottery game gives the largest percentage of 50%.