The global economy is suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has erupted in Wuhan, China last December. Since then, the virus has been spreading like wildfire across the globe, wreaking havoc on businesses and individuals alike. As a result, countries shut down their international borders and compelled citizens to stay at home, which brought the airline industry to a complete halt. For the first time ever, the skies were free from planes with no indication when they will be coming back. However, despite the fact that most countries are slowly lifting their travel bans, you have to understand that the way you travel will never return to ‘normal’. Here’s why.

Strict Hygiene Measures

Now that we have a clear idea about how a health crisis can literally bring the world to a standstill, strict hygiene measures will be implemented. Given that governments fear the infections coming from outside the most, you should expect to be tested for COVID-19 before being granted entrance into your destination country. Even if your result turns out negative, this does not mean that you will be free to roam, as some countries have decided to impose self-quarantine on outsiders in all cases. Unlike before, it won’t be about where you want to vacation, you will have to settle for where you can vacation. 

Number of Flights Will Be Limited

In order to control the influx of foreigners, most countries are planning to limit the number of flights per destination. The luxury to choose from multiple flight options is not expected to continue, at least not for the foreseeable future. However, if you had plans to spend the summer in Miami but can’t seem to find any tickets, booking a jet is a viable solution that you should consider. Renting a private jet is no longer exclusive to the rich and wealthy; many jet rental companies are making their rates more affordable for average individuals in order to make up for the huge losses they incurred during the lockdown. 

Flight Ticket Prices Will Soar 

Not only will the number of flights be limited, but the number of passengers onboard each aircraft is also expected to be limited. This will force airlines to increase the price per ticket if they want to cover their costs and remain profitable. Bargain flight tickets that you used to stumble on days before your intended travel date will be a thing of the past. You will have to plan for your travels months ahead to make sure that you are getting the best price. Even then you shouldn’t expect your ticket to be confirmed until days before your travel due to the volatility of the situation as countries can shut down again if they experience a resurgence in the number of infections. 


You Will Resort Travel Insurance

Remember when you used to skip the travel insurance option while booking your ticket before? Well, this won’t be the case anymore. Investing in travel insurance for post-pandemic travels is the smart thing to do to mitigate your potential loss should your ticket get canceled for any reason. Health organizations are urging governments to plan for the imminent second waves of the virus, which means that no country is completely past the danger zone yet. The next time you are planning your travel budget, don’t forget to account for the travel insurance. Even if you end up not using it, it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

You Will Experience a New Level of Travel Anxiety

If traveling used to give you anxiety, you should expect it to get even worse. Not only will you be dealing with the familiar restlessness during flying, but your mind will also be consumed thinking about how you should not touch anything on board or get too close to other passengers. In addition, you will be conscious of every cough or sneeze you hear onboard of the flight causing you more stress than you can handle. To someone like yourself, this can be a good enough reason to limit your travels and cancel any unnecessary trips in order to take care of your mental health. 


Although traveling will not be canceled, it will definitely become far less enjoyable than before. The strict rules and regulations governing travel will have a huge impact on how you plan your travels. But maybe it’s not a bad thing for traveling not to get back to normal. Maybe it’s a chance to create a new and better normal where we all start taking more responsibility and look out for each other’s interests.


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