There are many planning stages and decisions to be made before you even begin to hunt for the perfect property. To make your search and property viewings less stressful, you need to be clear and honest with yourself about what you’re looking for. This checklist outlines some of the key questions to ask yourself when searching for your perfect property. 

Apartment or House?

You may have always dreamed of owning your own front door with a private entrance and space outside. Or, maybe an apartment is your preference, with secure entrance features and a more sociable space. 

Close to Local Schools or Not? 

If you already have children or you’re planning on having them, then being close to a school may be at the top of your priority list. Alternatively, if you have no children and have no plans, you may want a property which is nowhere near a school. 

New Build or Old Build?

Or happy to compare both options? Knowing this can help you narrow down your search field and eliminate any older homes you’re not interested in. The benefits of new build homes can be many in comparison, including gaining a home nobody else has yet lived in so that you can begin with a blank canvas. 

How Close to Local Amenities? 

This question is very much dependant on whether you drive, have a car or whether there are accessible public transport links in your chosen area. If you need to be very close to shops and other facilities but don’t have a vehicle, distance needs to be researched in more detail.  A perfect example would be Jadescape, a property located in Singapore. It offers a breathtaking view with the convenience of being close to local amenities such as schools, restaurant and even shopping malls.

How’s the Signal Strength? 

Some more remote locations, such as rural homes, may have a lot of trouble with signal when it comes to phone and WiFi. It’s important to consider this when choosing a property and check the speed in your chosen area. This is particularly important if your job depends on it; for example, if you work from home

To Renovate or Not to Renovate? 

You need to decide in advance whether you would be willing to renovate as you will need to prepare a budget ahead of time for this need. It doesn’t have to be set in stone, but having extra funds for renovation purposes can be a big help if you find the right property which simply needs a little work. 

Do You Need Outside Space? 

A yard or garden may be non-negotiable for some people, who dream of having their own private outdoor haven to escape to. You should think about how important this is to you so you can narrow down properties. Top floor apartments, naturally, won’t afford this extra feature.

Location or Property: Which is More Important? 

Unless you’re extremely lucky, a compromise often has to be made with one of the two. Within more in-demand locations, you may have less choice for property and get less for your money. It’s therefore important to think which is more important to you. Would you like a bigger home with everything you need in a second-choice location, or are you willing to compromise on the property to live within the location you would like?


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