A Guest posting are not easy and requires a lot of work. To help you make guest posting a little easier, I’ve set up a tutorial on how to find, protect, and follow the best guest posts. I used this same strategy to get over 2,000 guests to a gaming blog in 6 months, bringing in more than 40 guests during that time. Ask yourself if you are really bringing something new to this audience, because if you do not then you will need to go back to the drawing board. One last place to look for ideas is in the comments of the author’s blog posts. There you will meet people asking questions or maybe even specific topics you can post about.

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Find suitable sites

Thanks to Google’s Blog Search, finding hundreds of blogs in your niche is not difficult. However, the best sites for listing guest posts are: A. Acceptance and B. Blogs you’ve already read and will enjoy. Before you start searching for new sites, go with the ones you already know. Trust me, even if the site is too big, you should be able to post there as long as they mention that they accept guest posts. If you can’t write something good enough, you’ll need to work on it until you can.

Well deep research

Obviously, you have to check the sites for which you write and they double-check the needs of the guests for posting. The last thing you want to do is to waste everyone’s time by not following the instructions already posted. To create content myself, I want you to see what the author already has on the site. See how they write, what HTML they like to use (bold, html, oblique, block price, lists, etc.) and try to include it in your writing. I also want you to look at the writing style as well as what ideas have been published.

Create an introductory post

Once you have your thoughts and are ready to write, you will need time to identify and properly prepare the post. Get an important point and create different auxiliary bullets to go with the focal point. Then write a paragraph or an opener and closing paragraph for each part of the outline. Be comprehensive, well done, and make this post the best post you’ve ever written. It should be so easy to read that Grandma can understand it, but at the same time be compelled and forced to think. Really push yourself and go once more to fix it.

Alternative approach to sites

An alternative way to approach this direct approach to ‘guest post’ is to come to the author and list a handful of post posts that you want to write about. Then the blog owner can choose and they can choose what they want to write about your blog. I actually went that route with my first guest post at this traffic generation cafe.

Follow up regularly

Once a blogger accepts your guest’s post, you will still need to follow up with the emails as the date is approaching that it will be published. People forget about things and appreciate it if you give them a friendly reminder before the date of the publication. I can actually count on both hands how often the author had forgotten and rescheduled my post, so now I want to remind them already. That way I don’t even have to trust my fingers.

Answer the questions and discuss in the comments

You still have to act as a guest poster after the post goes live! You need to ignite a conversation that hits your guest’s post on the target site. Be supportive, genuine, and do your best to keep the conversation going.

Overall guest posting is hard work, but it will make you grow faster than any other form of online social activity. Basically you are being given the credibility of a blog author and the time for a new audience, so if you do a good job, a good 2-5% should follow you on the spot. Additionally, you will find an excellent backlink to your site and hope to maintain a lasting relationship with the author of the blog.