When it comes to cultural Mediterranean destinations, one of the first places that come to our mind is Gozo. It’s the second largest island in the Maltese archipelago and it’s filled with culture, history, and adventure.

Every year thousands of travelers from all over the globe visit the island of Gozo. Its picturesque beaches, historical churches, spectacular dive sites, and rich culture are some things that make it one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean.

Aside from being completely filled with all sorts of wonders, another thing that attracts travelers to spend vacations in Gozo is the unique Gozitan farmhouse experience.


What Makes A Gozo Farmhouse Unique

Having a central house on a farm is one of Gozo’s fixed traditions. An authentic Gozitan farmhouse can give off a rustic vibe. Some Gozitan farmhouses are even centuries-old. What distinguishes a Gozitan farmhouse from a typical villa in Gozo is its traditional architecture.

A traditional Gozo farmhouse is usually made with limestone and often comes with spectacular views, courtyards, and swimming pools. If you decide to stay in a Gozo farmhouse, you will literally experience firsthand how Gozitans have lived many centuries ago.

If you’re looking to experience something fun and architecturally unique in the Mediterranean, you should definitely consider vacationing at a Gozo farmhouse for a week or two. Want to find out more about what you can expect from a Gozitan vacation? Take a quick read of what we have to say about Gozo below.


What It’s Like to Stay in Gozo

Gozo is one of the best places to explore in the Mediterranean. It offers its visitors a diverse set of experiences. The island of Gozo is filled with beaches, scuba diving sites, century-old churches, and cultural towns that travelers can explore with ease.

Other things Gozo is known for are carnivals and village festivities that occur during the summer season. And its visitors just love how Gozitan tradition is still present in Gozo’s culture today.

If you ask us, staying in Gozo is basically like staying in an island resort that comes with the perfect balance of culture, nature, and luxury.


Where are the Farmhouses in Gozo?

Gozo farmhouses are usually found in older rural villages on the island. Being so, Gozitan farmhouses have become a popular choice for people who are looking for a serene and more immersive experience.

Some villages that have great farmhouses include Xaghra, Santa Lucija, Gharb, and Ghammar.


What’s it Like to Stay at a Gozo Farmhouse?

A Gozo farmhouse is a century-old property that is usually built with limestone. A couple of distinct features a Gozo farmhouse has includes cellars, high ceilings, flagstones, archways, and central courtyards.

However, not all Gozo farmhouses have been purely preserved. Some traditional Gozo farmhouses have been modernized to accommodate household innovations. For example, some Gozo farmhouses have converted their central courtyards into pool areas.

Nonetheless, regardless of getting modernized or not, a Gozo farmhouse is truly one of the architectural wonders in the Maltese archipelago. Staying in one can give you a fresh authentic taste of Gozitan daily life.

Unlike modern villas, Gozo farmhouses have character. It won’t make you feel like you’re in another familiar hotel room. Instead, you will get a completely immersive and unique Mediterranean experience.


Where is The Best Farmhouse in Gozo?

If we had to pick where you should stay in a Gozo farmhouse, we’d definitely choose the village of Gharb. Gharb is one of the best villages to stay in a Gozo farmhouse. We say this because Gharb is a quiet little village that is close to a lot of Gozo’s must-see destinations.

Gozo is filled with several wonders for all kinds of people. Whether you’re a thrill seeker, history buff, or beach bummer, you’ll definitely find something to enjoy in Gozo.

Some popular destinations that are close to the village of Gharb include the Dwejra Bay, Victoria (the island capital), and several main beaches in Gozo. Gharb is also a mere 10-minute drive to pharmacies, bars, supermarkets, and restaurants.

If you’re looking to get the perfect balance between convenience, culture, and adventure, you will certainly not regret staying in a Gozo farmhouse in the quiet village of Gharb.