A leading problem faced by all, irrespective of their age, in today’s world is that of hair loss. Be it the stress and strain of life or the absence of some essential vitamins and minerals in the diet. Hereditary trends, diseases as well as environmental factors have all become a reason behind the increasing problem of hair loss.

Though several dietary supplements, hair oils, shampoos and other cosmetic products are available in the market. The results from them often vary and take too long to be considered as an effective solution. This is why perhaps a leading number of people today are seen to opt for the Turkey hair transplant. Which is an effective and fast solution to cover baldness in any desired area.

Before Hair Transplant

 However, many people who actually go for hair transplant have little knowledge regarding the procedure or what it entails. This is not right. Having a better understanding of the procedure will prepare you to not just undergo it. But it will also help in better maintenance of yourself and your hair after the procedure has been completed. That is why we prepared a checklist of all those things that you should know before you proceed to undergo a hair transplant and start looking for the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

What is hair transplant?

The first thing that one needs to understand with regards to hair transplant is the procedure itself. The hair located at the back of the head is most resistant to hair loss. These hair follicles from the back area which is considered as the ‘’donor area’’ is relocated to other areas so as to effectively cover hair loss.

Since these newly implanted hair follicles are free from the effects of the DHT hormone, they are not subject to hair loss. This makes the hair transplant a permanent procedure and the transplanted hair will never fall again.

Why hair transplant Turkey?

If you are wondering why turkey is considered as the best place to get your hair transplant. Then the simplest answer would be because it offers the best quality at the lowest cost. While countries such as UK, US and France charge very high amounts in a way that it cannot be afforded by everyone. The hair transplant packages in Turkey made it easy that you can simply accommodate it within your budget.

What is more important is that there’s no compromise with regards to the quality or the doctor’s expertise because of the low cost. In fact Turkey sees so many patients for hair transplant each year that it earns millions of dollars out of this industry.

Maintaining a healthy life

However, it is important to note that your duty towards your hair does not end with hair transplant alone. Patients have to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well to ensure that their overall hair health remains good.

The hair experts in Turkey offer you helpful advices regarding this after your procedure is done.  So, visit the best clinics and take a step towards effective hair health!



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