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The benefits of exercise are well documented, mental and physical health, stress relief, weight loss, toning and strengthening the body to recover from injury and prevent escalation of existing conditions, all of these are great reasons to exercise and to get, and stay, fit.

Iconic Fitness

Of course you can do all of these without joining a gym, you tube now has millions of video tutorials that’ll lead you through countless exercise routines and Amazon will deliver everything you need to turn your lonely bedsit into a fully equipped workout zone.


Apparently there are even yoga classes online, some of them are even interactive where the teacher can see your down dog and offer suggestions on your padangusthasana that you can ignore in the privacy of your own bedroom.


So why even leave your house, journey to a gym, expose that feeble unexercised body to the silent critique of everyone else in the room, why put yourself through that?


Simply, because it works.


The support network in a gym is fantastic, the shared knowledge you receive from fellow members and staff is amazing, and mostly free.


At Iconic we have a wide range of equipment that allows you to tone and strengthen every part of the body, the fully adjustable kit can take you from feeble noodle wristed beginner to vest ripping strongman in no time, whether you prefer resistance machines or heavier plated rigs the choice is yours.


And as for company, the theraputic benefits of exercise within a class session are well documented, the support you receive from fellow class members to spur you on to achieve you best results is worth the entry fee alone, combine this with the training being offered from experienced, trained instructors and it’s a no brainer, the wide variety of classes on offer at Iconic ensures you’re never going to run out of inspiration to push yourself to your limits, and maybe push those limits too.


And video yoga?


It’s ok, not as good as the real thing though.


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Hope to see you all soon.