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If you are just starting out and struggling with your overall goal and finding it difficult. Try to slow it down instead of trying to change everything at once take things one step at a time , break it down and once a new habit is in place add another.

iconic fitness

1/Focus on your food. Try to eat single ingredient foods and home-cooked regular meals. Create a small calorie deficit and try to build a routine.

2/Improve your sleep. Sleep has a big role in performance, recovery, mood and adherence to any plan . So work on getting enough sleep. – –

3/Make exercise a habit. You don’t need to try and commit to five-six days a week, make time to exercise once/twice a week, and as your fitness improves and your lifestyle changes momentum will pick up and you will be training every day before you know it. Even 20-30 minutes a day is a start. Make time!

4/Stick to a simple plan . The basics will always work best! Keep your plan simple and easy to follow. Get good at the basic exercises that will be best suited towards your goal. I would suggest learning and working on your compound lifts.

5/Progressive overload Make sure that you are progressing with your plan and lifts, you should be getting stronger. Increase your weights whenever you are hitting your desired reps of weight easily, this will ensure you are putting the correct amount of stress on the muscle for progression.

6/Permanent Change. Once you have made a small change over time it will be easier to make it a long-lasting change and all the small changes will add up to being able to achieve your overall goal. Be consistent and patient.

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