If you’re like most homeowners, then the only time you might sift through an interior magazine would be at the dentist’s waiting room. There’s no shame in that. With a busy lifestyle and responsibilities, most people do not get the time to groom their house every season. But in case you’re thinking of taking on the job, then your entryway may be the most fruitful area to renovate. First impressions matter, after all.

Here are three tips to brighten up space.

Fix what needs fixing

Let’s focus on the furniture first. Does your door need a good polishing job? Or is your doorknob rusty? These elements need to be replaced. You can browse hardwood and glazed external doors at an Online Door Store. If you don’t want a complete replacement, a new door frame and accessories can also be purchased online. A well-polished door handle may be a small element but by no means unimpressive for guests. Similarly, if there is a threadbare carpet or runner in the foyer, it won’t make a good impression, Throw them out and invest in an organic rug handcrafted by local artisans. It’ll show that your home isn’t an afterthought for you.


This is the bane of most people’s existence. The entryway can be the most cluttered and shabby part of the house. Kids tend to throw their boots haphazardly when they enter the house. Dirty umbrellas drip on the carpet. There may be cardboard boxes full of junk no one uses, but no one wants to throw out as well. When planning a foyer, make sure everything you buy has a place to go. There should be a shoe cabinet right next to the door so that the carpet doesn’t get dirty. This way, no one would be tripping over their feet as well. Put up hinges your kids can reach so they can hang up their coats and umbrellas. Install shelves and place flowers in glass vases to add colour to the area. Place baskets so people can drop car and house keys in them. Put a letter opener in a drawer so one can open and sift through the mail.

Project yourself

The choices you make in the interior should reflect your style. After decluttering, you should make use of the available space to build a personalised area. Put up family travel pictures in minimalistic frames along the wall. Install mirrors and reflective surfaces to give an impression of openness and make use of the available light. A pendant light on the roof can give off an aura of luxury and regality. Colour coordinated consoles and drawers can complement plain walls. Put up a plush stool to give people a place to sit if they want to fix their lipstick or tie the buckle on their shoes. Or you can make an art wall by putting up paintings and artwork. In the end, it is all about comfort without compromising on class.


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