Sports betting has been the focus for some time now. Not only sports enthusiasts or gamblers take part, because sports betting is something for everyone. Although there are now millions of players in Germany who bet week after week, there are still many uncertainties about the subject. This is not necessarily due to the fact that sports betting does not have an impeccable reputation in society or that it is a niche market, but to the fact that it was not freely available in Germany until a few years ago. The following article explains the topic of sports betting. It explains what sports betting is all about, how it works and what you can bet on.


The history of sports betting

Betting and gambling have been around for a long time. There are indications that bets have already been placed on the first Olympic Games. Even the Romans did not hold back when it came to betting on gladiator fights or chariot races. The special thing about this time and the bets was that they were made completely bluntly in public. In the past, however, there was a phase in which sports bets were placed in the hands of criminal gangs. As a result, the business, including the players, as well as the general perception in society slipped. This is probably also the reason for the bad reputation. This was followed by a legal prosecution of the illegal sports betting and its partners.


Business with sports betting

It goes without saying that the sports betting business is a very profitable market. That’s why it was so attractive to the mafia and other criminal gangs, and that’s why the law enforcers tried everything to regain control. Meanwhile, the market is largely very well regulated and controlled. Nevertheless, the value of illegal sports betting on the black market is still well above the billion mark. The good thing is that the sum is slowly but surely decreasing. This is the result, since there are numerous providers of sports betting on the Internet, which are fully legal, so the interest and attractiveness of illegal sports betting is no longer so great. Because no normal citizen chooses the illegal way if the same offer is also legally available.


A brief introduction to sports betting

Now the history of sports betting is clear. Even if this is of course a somewhat shortened version, the most important facts have been clarified to date. The only thing missing is how sports betting works today and how it is regulated. The market has now been largely tapped. On the Internet you can find many bookmakers who have a serious appearance and a wide range of sports. If you go on the search, you get to websites that list countless bookmakers. An ideal platform is for example There are large and small providers to be found as well as extensive information about the bookmakers. But there’s more. Thanks to a practical search function, it is possible to sort the range of bookmakers that is initially confusing. Thanks to individually selectable criteria, the list is rearranged and the best hits are listed at the top


The legal situation

As already mentioned, there was a time when sports betting was not legal. Because of this, the perception of many Germans is still that it would be illegal to participate in sports betting. So this statement does not come from anywhere, because sports betting as we know it today has only existed in Germany since 2011. Only since then has it been possible to participate legally in sports betting on the Internet. On the one hand, big bookmakers were pushing their way onto the huge sales market in Germany and the German state recognized its chance to get a piece of cake. This led to a partial opening of the market in 2011, which made sports betting and participation legal, and in 2012 the betting tax of five percent was introduced.


The license for sports betting

Nowadays, you can participate in sports betting with complete peace of mind, without worrying about doing something illegal. Also practical is that you do not have to worry about the tax levy, because the bookmakers deduct the tax directly after winning a bet. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a bookmaker. The first is the valid license for sports betting. This allows the bookmaker to offer sports betting legally. As a rule, licences come from countries such as Malta, Gibraltar or Curacao. Some would like to think that the choice of location is due to the low taxes. That’s not the reason. Sports betting and gambling have been allowed in these countries for some time. There are therefore clear guidelines and legal requirements for the bookmakers on which they can organise their business activities. This is of particular benefit to customers, who can be sure that the offer is legal, secure and reputable.


Attractive sports alongside football

A serious bookmaker is not only characterized by a valid license and positive ratings, but also by an extensive range of bets. Even though football is often the focus of attention, there are numerous other sports which may not only be more exciting, but also more profitable. Usually there are between thirty and forty different sports on offer. Meanwhile even bets on surf tournaments are offered. Tennis tournaments are particularly attractive at the moment. The sports betting market, i.e. the odds and safety of the sport, is above average there. There is also basketball, Formula 1, NASCAR, volleyball, hockey, horse racing, athletics, water polo and even material arts. So there are plenty of sports. In addition, there are the individual betting options. This is, for example, the winner of a tennis game or the number of sets. In football, there are even up to 40,000 different betting options on a match in the top leagues.


Success in sports betting does not require luck, but knowledge and experience. This means that you have to deal with news, statistics and tables and use other information and strategies about betting to be successful. This reduces the proportion of happiness towards zero and makes it possible to make accurate forecasts with responsibility and certainty. These topics and news about sports and betting can be found on the bookmakers’ web


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