How do you find out whether a sports betting provider is legit?

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Those who want to start with sports betting will not be able to avoid dealing with the wide worlds of sports betting providers. And even if it takes a little time to compare the providers and analyze them, it will pay off in the end. As in every industry, there are black sheep in the betting industry who are not out to do something good for their customers. And even if that’s now the outnumber, you should prepare for what’s out there. And that’s what this is all about. As a beginner it is often difficult to find the right provider and to weigh up which aspects are decisive for a registration. Therefore, we have listed a few of the most important criteria that should not be ignored when choosing a provider.


.What makes a reputable provider

In order to find a serious provider, an Internet is first and foremost helped by the fact that there are many websites that offer a betting provider comparison.


Does the Operator have a licence?

Due to the legal situation in Germany, it is crucial to ensure that a betting provider has a license. Because if this is not available, it can happen that won contributions may not be paid out and you can not complain against it.


What betting offer does the provider have?

The betting offers of the different providers often differ enormously. Even if you don’t think so, the differences are sometimes immense. A good betting provider is characterised by the fact that it not only appeals to the majority, but also offers good betting options for marginal balances. And even if football, basketball or ice hockey lead the list, the smaller sports such as tennis or golf should not be neglected.


The Design

Even if it sounds superficial at first, the appearance of a provider or its website also plays a role when it comes to weighing up who is serious or not. The navigation of the site should be simple and transparent, so that even beginners can quickly understand what it is about and where to find what.


Bonus offers

Especially for beginners it is helpful if the betting provider offers a bonus for beginners. This is because the additional capital made available by the bonus makes it easier for you to enter the betting scene risk-free. Furthermore, the feeling is conveyed that the provider is not only out to make the big money himself, but simply wants to offer a platform for betting enthusiasts.


Customer support

Easy-to-reach customer support is a very important aspect, and the most important questions and answers should already be clarified in a clear FAQ menu. This is because the contact to the support is often not even necessary. However, if there are problems which cannot be solved with this help, there should be a German support available which is easy to reach and above all free of charge.

Payment Methods

The best betting providers are characterised by the fact that they offer deposits and withdrawals via PayPal. Because this kind of payment, which comes from America, has meanwhile worked its way up to its own quality label. Because PayPal only approaches its partnerships with secure and reputable providers. In addition, direct booking systems, credit cards or prepaid methods should also be offered. But the payout period is also a good indicator of whether a provider is serious or not. As a rule, the payout should not exceed 24 hours.


Odds and Taxes

In order to be able to participate successfully in the betting events in the long term, it is important to be familiar with the odds. Because even if the difference seems very small at first glance, it can cost you several 100 euros in the long run. Therefore it is advisable to register with several bookies to have the direct comparison in mind and to set where the odds are best. And then there’s the betting tax, which has been in effect since July 1, 2012. This has a direct impact on the customer’s earnings. It amounts to 5 % and some suppliers pay the tax. However, it should be recalculated whether this is also the most profitable way.


Positive customer reviews

A sports betting provider is basically a service like any other. And that’s why there are usually field reports and reviews from other bettors here as well. But also certificates should not be missing because to get such a certificate, the entire offer, as well as the odds and the usability of the site are evaluated. The customer reviews can then be used as additional support to find out even more details about the vendor. So there are some clues that beginners can stick to when it comes to finding the right betting provider. And those who take them to heart should be on the safe side.