Sports betting – The most important terms explained

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If you go once on the search, which there are all at sport bets, one encounters an almost infinite offer at offerers and bets. That’s why many people still think that sports betting is only for experts. But that’s not true by far. Bookmakers, i.e. providers of sports betting, are particularly concerned about newcomers to the betting business. Clients receive extensive information on the subject in general, as well as tips and tricks from betting experts who make their successful betting strategy available to all. This also includes the basics, i.e. the most important terms, which are listed in the following text as well as some key points, where and how to find a good bookmaker and what to consider when placing sports bets.


The wide range of sports bets

Sports betting nowadays takes place mainly on the Internet. In the net there is meanwhile a gigantic offer at bookmakers, who operate again extensive web pages. There are on average thirty to forty different sports on offer as well as countless betting options. A betting option is, for example, the team A wins against team B or the player C will score one, two or three goals in a certain half time. The range of betting options includes when a player is substituted for football, how quickly a tennis match is completed, how many pit stops a Formula 1 racer will make, and so on. A prime example of the diversity of betting options is the world’s most beautiful minor matter, football, with more than 40,000 possible betting options for a game – but to be fair, you have to admit that this only applies to the first leagues or major tournaments.


The basics of sports betting

The topic is of course very extensive and to mention all possible aspects about it in an article would go beyond the scope. Therefore only the most important points and terms are really dealt with. The first is what outcome a bet can have. A distinction is made between a 2 way bet and a 3 way bet. A 2 way bet is a game that does not allow a draw, such as tennis or boxing. There must be a winner. It is different with the 3 way bet, as for example with football. It is quite possible that two teams share the points.


The odds and their significance

It is an integral part of every bet. It provides information about several things at the same time. First of all, the odds are the multiplier with which the profit is calculated. For example, a quota representation in football could look like this. Team A wins: odds 4.2; draw: odds 2.7; Team B wins: odds 1.5. If you play successfully with a stake of ten Euros, you win 42 Euros for odds one, 27 Euros for odds two and 15 Euros for odds three. But why are the odds different? This is based on a statistical probability calculation, whereby the quota is the counterpart of this. Thus, the probability and expectation that Team B will win is very high, so the odds are low. On the other hand, the probability that Team A will win is very low, so it would be a riskier tip, the underdog against a top team, David against Goliath.


Single bet, combination and system bets

In addition to the many sports, the countless betting options and odds calculations, there is also a delimitation of a bet. The smallest type of all bets is the single bet, i.e. the use of a single bet option, i.e. that team A wins against team B, for example. The next level is a combination bet. This involves combining several individual bets and placing an amount on them. A combination bet could therefore be twenty euros on Team A winning against Team B, Team C losing against Team D and Team E playing against Team F only a draw. The advantage of this is that the risk is distributed. If you lose on a single bet, the money’s gone. However, this is relatively unlikely with a combination bet. It is therefore often the case that one or two individual bets do not go well, but the rest ends successfully. Thus it does not usually happen that one loses money, but even makes a profit despite one or two lost bets. The last level are system bets, which is a bet on multiple combination bets. This reduces the risk even further and increases the profit margin.


Special sports and bets

In principle, you can bet on anything. In England there are even bets on which member of the royal family will be the next to make the way to the altar. A long time ago in the same country, a man had placed a bet on a young racing driver, who was still sitting on a go-kart at the time, with the tip that this boy would one day be the world champion of an important race. The boy was Lewis Hamilton, who had already won the world championship and made a lot of money for the man with the good intuition. Similar to unlikely scores, long-term bets also have high odds. A good example of this is which team will decide the Bundesliga championship before the season starts.


That’s what a good bookmaker is.

As mentioned before, there is a large selection of bookmakers, but it can be difficult to decide on a bookmaker newcomer. But that doesn’t have to be the case, because websites like Serioes.org not only list the wide range of products on offer, but also provide extensive information about the companies. Furthermore, a practical search function can be used to select individual criteria, such as special bets or the deposit method via Bitcoin. In order to legally offer sports betting, a bookmaker needs a valid licence for gambling. This often comes from Malta or Gibraltar. In addition, the bookmaker should have a competent customer service, which is available 24 hours a day, as well as numerous positive customer ratings. Ultimately, a qualitative bookmaker needs a section in which comprehensive information about the sports can be found as well as further explanations of strategies, betting, tips & tricks and the topic of safety and gambling addiction. On the basis of knowledge and experience the risk is kept low and only so sports bets with responsibility are possible.