Live betting is a very interesting and exciting type of sports betting and is therefore becoming more and more popular and offered in more and more betting offices. The exciting thing about live betting is that the odds can change almost every second to match the current score. Live betting is possible on many sports. However, among the most popular are football and tennis. And for the beginning one should in any case deal a little with the topic, so that one does not run the risk of losing everything with the first tip. There are a few basic things to keep in mind and especially the one or other tips that should help to get started successfully.


General information about live betting

As the name suggests, live betting is about betting in real time. When it comes to live betting, your intuition is often in high demand and the best odds are usually obtained on which team scores the next goal, for example in football. If a team has more than one goal behind it, you should act quickly and place your bet on them. Because it is very likely that the team behind will score a goal next at a 0:2 or 0:3, and if you hesitate too long, you can quickly lose a good chance. Because the longer you wait, the worse the odds get. The tip should, of course, always be well considered. Because rushing to act usually leads to nothing at all.


What is so special about live betting?

Live betting should mainly be for fun. Because even if you can earn a little money for it, you should quickly forget the idea of getting rich with it. The beauty of live betting is simply that you are close at hand and, unlike long term betting, you don’t just tip and then wait, but tip when the event is about to happen. So the excitement is much greater than with long-term bets. Because as soon as a live bet is over, the next one follows in a short time. And that’s about the whole game. Thus the games are pursued with other eyes. Because whatever happens plays a role for or against your own tip. A good compromise with live betting is that you have to act fast and well considered, but you don’t have to wait so long for the result, whether the bet was successful or not.  A good provider of live bets is, among others, the provider Cashpoint (source:, as it has a high spectrum of different live bets.


In addition, you can counteract the loss of money with a live bet. But also here caution is necessary, because by the large offer at betting options and the time pressure connected among other things with it, one can lose fast the overview of his betting account and thus his finances.


The advantages at a glance:


– You can intervene directly in the game.


– Many possible betting options.


– Fast, new betting options available.


– The current match events are included in the odds.


– You don’t have to wait long for the weather result.


– Possibility to compensate a possible loss with a counter bet.


– Well suited for beginners.


You should pay attention to this when placing live bets


Don’t take risks too much

It’s always good not to just rely on chance or luck. Even though luck always plays a major role in betting, live betting is also based on strategies and, above all, expertise. Events that are difficult to assess, such as corner balls, red cards or throw-ins, should therefore be omitted.


Don’t just focus on the top games

Most competition enthusiasts prefer to focus on the top games in sport. And not least because these games are easier to evaluate. Furthermore, it’s simply fun to watch these games, because real professionals are at work and the suspense is never neglected. But when it comes to the chance of winning, the lesser-known games should not be ignored. Because the bookmakers don’t do that either and so there are often very good odds on these kinds of games.


Good preparation is everything

Just as well as athletes prepare for the game, you should also prepare yourself for the game. Therefore an analysis of the next game with statistics, weaknesses, strengths, failures and everything that belongs to it is a must. And that includes taking a closer look at the opponents. This makes it possible to think about a strategy before the game, which can mean high chances of winning. And one should only deviate from this strategy if there are influential reasons for it.


Strategies and tips


Tips on favorites by residue

This strategy is especially popular for fast sports such as volleyball or basketball. But this strategy also offers high chances of success in football. But the favoured team should quickly be lagging behind. If the favorite wins at the end of the game, the payout is very worthwhile, which of course always depends on how much you bet.


Sure Bets at Basketball

Basketball in particular is worth betting on Sure Bets, especially NBA games. Before the game begins, you bet on the underdog, on which the bookies partly offer a odds of 3.0 or higher. Then, after the first quarter of the game, the same amount is placed on the favorite. Statistically speaking, the NBA’s favourites are lagging more than 60% behind the first quarter. According to this, the odds of the favourite usually rise to more than 2.0 after about 12 minutes, which then brings in the Sure Bet of the game at the end.


Set against late goals

This strategy is best used when the game promises a high hit rate, good bookie odds and the shortest possible betting times. This system assumes that no goals will be scored in the last 5 minutes in certain games. Games with a clear favourite should be ignored.


Low odds bets

Especially for beginners or the weather, which rather insists on safety, there is the possibility to bet on low odds. In this way, the customer should refer to live bets, which currently show a odds of 1.1. A home win, for example, if the local team is already leading, would be a pretty sure bet.


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