Sports betting has now become socially acceptable. In Europe alone, several million people regularly take part. There are many reasons why the number of participants increases every year. The reason for most participants is to want to test their own knowledge. Football is known to be the most beautiful minor matter in the world. In addition, European football is one of the most interesting and exciting in the world. While in Spain, Italy and England the second leagues are hardly traveling with anyone, the second, third and fourth leagues here are more exciting than ever before. Whether it’s the local football team, a team where the favourite player plays or the eleven who play the most attractive football in the league. The interest leads to the fact that one would like to prove one’s own knowledge against others. Sports betting is perfect for this. In addition, many have the desire to earn a lot of money with successful bets. This is why we suggest you read this ZCode System Review first. The following article explains which profits are really realistic and what there is to know about sports betting on a professional level.


The sports betting business

Sports betting has existed since the first sporting events. The Greeks were already betting on the winners of the first Olympic Games. Over time, there have been ups and downs of individual sports as well as the betting business. Lubricated players and referees, other manipulations, illegal sports betting organised by criminal gangs or scandals by large associations such as FIFA. However, betting providers on the Internet are successfully working on polishing up their own reputation and that of players in society.  Most of the bets are now placed online with the bookmakers. Fast, easy and still high profits. Even if the odds and the number of sports bets allow large sums to be won, the average amount played is between three and ten euros. But even with small stakes it is possible to make considerable profits by placing many individual bets.


Sports betting as a kind of gamble

In Europe, the betting business is regulated by the Gaming Act. The reason for this is that the result of a game of chance is in the future and is influenced by chance. However, professional bettors are convinced that luck no longer plays a role in targeted sports betting. The forecasts for the games come from extensive research on the tables, statistics and general sports news. A simple example is a game in which a top team from the first Bundesliga plays against a relegated team from the third Bundesliga. Already after a short research it is more or less clear which team will win the game. Of course, surprises cannot be ruled out, but if you consider all the influences on a game, including the weather, injured players or the squad of the teams, you keep the proportion of unforeseen developments in the game to a minimum.


Playing sports betting with responsibility

Meanwhile, the big betting providers are attracting attention on television, the Internet or on posters in public places. You see either prominent faces or cheering players. The euphoria, about a successful bet and the associated profit, is of course on great. Nevertheless, the path to success should not be underestimated. Of course you could put your beginner’s luck to the test and place thousands of Euros on an attractive bet. But sports betting with responsibility looks different. This is also explained in detail on the websites of the online bookmakers and other independent resources. The probably most mentioned advice on the pages of the betting providers is to start with small stakes. It is by no means worth gambling away all your money at the first bet. Small stakes, safe betting options and extensive information about betting and sports. Those are the rules of success.


The professionals of sports betting

In every activity there are experts and professionals. Only as an external example were computer gamers smiled at years ago and were tricked into wasting their time and youth. Today there are world championships in FIFA, WOW or DOTA, with prize money that is higher than the annual salary of most Europeans. There are also experts in sports betting who pass on their knowledge on the subject of betting and there are professionals in the industry who earn their living with their bets. That’s a different level. As a rule, bets are not placed on the first Bundesliga or Champions League winners, but on matches in the third Bundesliga and below. Also the U20 games are much more interesting and above all more profitable. So we are betting on games that don’t interest the majority of sports enthusiasts very much, but rather, dry on the games with the best and safest bets. A successful weekend can then yield winnings of between 5,000 and 15,000 euros – of course, the amount invested is not the average 10 euros. But the large sums also make betting riskier. The betting professionals are self-employed, have no employment contract or other income. Therefore losses are very risky in the long run. As a result, professionals spend most of their time reading sports news, analyzing odds, searching for attractive betting options, and doing accounting. A proper accounting system involves entering the amounts played, the losses and profits together with the date. The professionals also use special algorithms to analyze, evaluate, and apply tables, statistics, and odds faster and more efficiently.


Everybody starts out small

But also the betting professionals started with small steps and had to accept many losses and instructive situations on the way. The first step is to create an account with a betting provider. On all licensed bookmakers are listed together the most important details and achievements. This makes the search and selection of a reputable provider easier and faster. Once the account is created, you have access to the bets as well as to the resources, topics, reports and experiences of professional bettors. It goes without saying that you should read this information carefully before making your first bet. Furthermore, further news from the sports sector as well as tips and tricks for successful bets will be collected. Safe bets with responsibility are only possible on the basis of this information. Then you need patience and good nerves if some bets don’t go well. Thus positive and negative experiences are made, also which must be learned.


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