E-Sports – Development in recent years

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There used to be, in the perception of many, two kinds of children. Some of them were the ones who played outside, did a lot of sports and were always the first to be elected to the team in sports lessons. The other were the nerds, the children who sat predominantly at home in front of the game console or the computer and who were more familiar with technical refinements and subtleties than with the offside rules in football or with the concrete rules in basketball or handball. What’s changed about that? Who would have thought that computer gaming would one day become a real sport – and in addition a sport that brings in more active money than many other athletes in Europe can bring in their respective sports.

E-Sports is coming – but does not always have to have something to do with sports.


The most interesting thing is that E-Sports doesn’t always have anything to do with sport. When you hear the term e-sports, you usually first think of events where games like FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer are played against each other by different teams or individual players until a winner or a winning team is determined. It is not predominantly the sports games that make it into the top paid E-Sports events category. It is much more the team events, which are about first-person shooters or comparable games, that move the masses and thus the large sums and markets. Meanwhile it is even possible to place bets on E-Sport events. You can find out which games the bookmakers have in their betting product range and which e-sports games are particularly suitable for betting on sites like esport.net.


What does it take to become a successful e-athlete?

As in any other sport, there is a lot of practice. For e-athletes, staying power and the ability to concentrate as well as the speed of action, the ability to react, the ability to work in a team and the ability to understand a game quickly and to read the tactics of the opponent are essential. There are always events where e-athletes from the hobby and professional fields cross their blades. And since the professional sector in Europe has not been around for so long, it is still comparatively easy today to jump from one camp to another. This requires a lot of time, enthusiasm for the game and an exact knowledge of the game with all its tricks, ideas and backgrounds.


And those who don’t play themselves can still earn good money with it.

As with most things on the way, the e-sports sector has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. Attention that has also not escaped the attention of the creators of online sports betting providers. And so most betting providers have now formed their own department for the area of e-sports betting. So if you can’t get into the professional areas of the E-Sport leagues yourself, you can still have a lot of fun and maybe even draw some profit from the events of the professional E-Sport community.